Study Swedish

Update: I now have a full time employment and am not available for private classes. 


Looking for Swedish language classes?

I offer tuition of Swedish as a foreign language, on all levels, but with the emphasis on the basic levels (A1-A2). I myself have been a student of English, Spanish, French, German, Latin, Italian and Mandarin Chinese, so I can definitely relate to the student’s situation. Also, I have studied various Swedish Language courses as well as Swedish as a Second Language for teachers.

I started teaching in 2011. Since then, I have taught Swedish at Uppsala International Summer Session, at Folkuniversitetet, at the university of Lille, France, and at Uppsala University. The tuition that I offer is flexible: it can be one single student or a small group of 2-4 people. The classes can take place at the student’s home, place of work, or a space provided by me. The time and frequency depends on what you need and what your own schedule allows. However, I prefer to teach during office hours (9h-17h).

Private tuition means that you can move forwards at your own speed, in the way that you feel most comfortable with, and at times that suit you. I care about the progress of my students and always plan lessons, exercises and homework with the student’s needs in mind. Also, I try to make lessons as fun as possible, using not only textbooks but also songs, games, and other things that connect the classroom situation with real life. Or why not have a class in the supermarket, talking about food, or perhaps one walking around town while practising asking for directions?

What about the price?

The prices for tuition vary depending on the number of students, time, place, frequency and type of class. Therefore, it is impossible for me to give you a price until I know what you have in mind. But as a point of reference, private tuition for one student will cost around 600 SEK (VAT included) per class hour. If several people participate in the same class, the price for each person will be reduced.

Please feel free to contact me and let me know what kind of tuition you are interested in!